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I’m 33 years old and suffer from pain. I am also limited on what pain medications I can take due to other medical conditions. I use to be in pain that medication I could take would not even touch. As result, my pain counselor recommended that I try Alpha-Stim and I have been in love ever since. It has been most helpful. In the past, I have had to get pain injections to include morphine. Since I began using my Alpha-Stim 100 unit, I have not had to get pain injections and I have been able to back off some of my pain medications. It does more than just help with my pain though. I also suffer from getting soundful sleep. I have used my Alpha-Stim 100 to help relax when lying down to fall alseep and end up out cold within 5 minutes. I then wake up refreshed and well-rested in the morning which in turns helps to reduce the amount of chronic pain. Thank you for developing a product that is so wonderful. I have even told friends that use TENS that they should look into Alpha-Stim since it does have a longer lasting effect than TENS. I just cannot tell you thank you enough. Extremely satisfied and thankful,

Danielle Diaz, Texas
When I return from Iraq in 2007 I had a doctor who said he refused to treat me because he didn’t believe in the war. As time moved on my pain, long sleepless nights got real bad to the point my children didn’t want to come around me. I went back on active duty to try to get more help and I couldn’t focuses on myself without trying to help my fellow soldiers. I am retired now and I went to the VA and they advised me about the Alpha-Stim AID. Having it for a short period of time my wife and children say they see a change. I got to see my godson for the first time in two years and he wasn’t afraid of me. This is my new best friend .

Victor, Texas
I had been taking strong pain medication daily for the past seven years, after suffering for many years with painful joints, my knees, back, shoulders and neck pain, when I developed ulcers in my stomach, due to the medication. As a result of this I can no longer take anything stronger than Paracetamol. The pain I had to live with was unbearable, I started to look into alternatives, and came across Alpha-Stim. I decided I had nothing to lose and ordered one of the Alpha-Stim M machines. I am happy to say it has given me so much relief from my pains, I can now walk up and down stairs, bend down, get up out of the chair, everything I have struggled with over the years.

Lyn Cullen, England
I originally got the Alpha-Stim to help with my pain. It greatly reduced the pain in my joints and I was very happy with the results. I also ended up with a couple of unexpected benefits. Using the clips on my ears increased my quality of sleep and reduced my depression; a lovely surprise. I had abdominal surgery this summer. The Alpha-Stim helped decrease the recovery time. This truly is an amazing product. I wish the US would allow it to be sold without a prescription so more people could benefit from its effectiveness.

Alli, Colorado
Ever heard someone tell you that Shoulder Surgery is really painful? To a man, they are not joking! I underwent orthopedic surgery for a full thickness tear of my left rotator cuff. If I had known how bad the pain would be (once the nerve block from the surgery lifted) I definitely would have had occasion to think twice about going through with the procedure, to be honest. I was like a Pylon, post-surgically. I could literally do nothing and the pain was indescribable and unrelenting. Keep in mind, we’re talking about months, not days or weeks… If it were not for my bedside buddy, the Alpha-Stim 100, I don’t know how I could have made it through my arduous recovery. The Alpha Stim neutralized much of my post-surgical pain and I attribute my ability to make a full recovery to the Alpha Stim 100. Bottom Line: Don’t even think about Rotator Cuff Surgery without first purchasing and Alpha Stim 100. The technology is sound and the results are outstanding.

Linda Brooks, Kansas
Hello, I am a burn survivor of over 3 years now. 42% 3rd degree burns. I have been going through many treatments and medications for the pain, sleep and depression issues and after 3 months of using the Alpha-Stim have had far faster, better and longer lasting results in controlling my pain, better sleep habits and improvement with depression to the point of being able to reduce my medications at this moment to almost none. I love how well it works and how easy it is to use. I want to thank you so much for designing a fantastic device.

J. Dubak, Wisconsin
Insomnia is another problem; however, she is trying 20 minutes of the Alpha-Stim, as per instructions, every day to see if that will help. She is trying to avoid taking Diazepam and Xanex as they can have long term consequences but has found a very low dose of Olanzapine, 7 mgs, helps her mind to switch off at night and puts her to sleep. A very low dose does not have any observable side effects and hopefully she can come off it soon. I encourage anyone who has tried every other type of “cure” and been disappointed to try the Alpha-Stim. It worked for my wife.

Les, Australia
This is a remarkable device. Thirty-eight years ago I had an injury to my frontal lobe. My doctor prescribed this for me and all I can think every time I use this is thank you. Each time I use it I feel calmer, think clearer and sleep better. This proves that it doesn’t matter how long ago your injury occurred. What matters it that with the right tools, you can heal.

K.R., Sherman Oaks, CA
Two years ago I attended a DTA Resources seminar given by Dan Taylor. Since I was experiencing a sinus headache at the time, I volunteered for a demonstration, and was amazed at how quickly my pain was relieved. I purchased an Alpha-Stim® 100 and have used it ever since, not only for headaches, but back pain, neck and shoulder tension, and even bunion pain. It also was invaluable last year when I went through a period of insomnia due to an illness and death in my family.

Nancy P. Laws, MEd., LPC, Kingwood, TX
I am writing to let you know of the success of Alpha-Stim on two of our rescue greyhounds over the years. Dr. Ava Frick, DVM first prescribed Alpha Stim 100 for our pup, Jake, when he was about 11 years of age due to spinal neuropathy. Jake had stopped using the stairs and jumping on our bed. After a few weeks to a month the results were amazing. Jake began to use the stairs again and jumped back in bed with us! Jake lived to be almost 14 years old. We credit Dr. Ava, Alpha-Stim and supplements for the quality of life that Jake lived out his last few years. Today we have Cody, a five year old greyhound, who is diabetic and has IBD as well. I use Alpha-Stim on his abdominal area in conjunction with the ear clips. Cody has had a huge improvement. Thank you Alpha-Stim!

Linda King, Missouri
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